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Hello, Welcome to Tainted Wingz. This place on web is Salya's realm in the dark abyss on the net. As well as her partner, ????.

In this dark abyss of Tainted Wingz, also called TW, you will find;
Stories written by Salya and maybe others in the fanfic area.
Graphics that you may use, just give credit.
Join Contests when there is one.
Play some simple games.
Give your vote on new things.
Buy commission and custom graphics for personal use.

And a lot more. So take a seat and look around. There could be something of interest here.

If you wish to help out, you may. We wlcome Donated Graphics, Gifts, Suggestsions and Everything else!

Even donate a small bit of money to Salya's Paypal would help up big time to keep TW up!

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Update blog

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hey ppls

Sorry for the no updates and such. I had to get my things and my guys' things packed up since he went and got stuff to repair our floors and some places in the walls Next update to the room will be paint. Which is going to be a shade of blue. Other news, is that I wanted to say Happy late Easter and such. I may not post any thing in May since that is my birthday month, but who knows. But if not, Happy Mother's day when the day comes.

Now onto the plans I got for Tainted Wingz, side sites. I want to safe up money on Paypal to buy a server or whatever then have more space to host a TCG site as well as other sites that I would LOVE to make.

If you wish to help me out, you can...

  • Buy art commissions (see the Webstore or details.)
  • Buy custom graphics and codes just for your site. (you can name your price on this one)
  • Or donate to paypal on here, Elyasia(when it's up) or Tainted Onez. (there is no limit to how much you can donate, just do as much as you want when you are able.)

Now if you cant pay, that is fine. Just getting the word around would be helpful.


Just for you know, I can only code basic PHP layouts, but I can do some neat looking graphics.... well I think they are neat looking.... -sighs- I'm going to shut up and go to bed. it's 4pm where I live. XD

Posted by Salya on 2021-04-09 04:18:02 UTC

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Life is sooo blah

Sorry everyone. I been buzy with offline stuff as well as Tainted Onez. I'm also been feeling blah... really blah. So I'm sorry for not posting anything new.

Plus me and my guy are trying to get pregent, so that's something.... and it's snowed where I live. It's pretty but I HATE the cold. XD My nose won't stop being staffed* up and running. And now my head been hurting... but that's all.

I hope by early March or late march, I will get back into updating this. Gods.... I see need to get Elyasia up and such for ppl to read and such... blah....


If you need me, I'm on Tainted Onez unless I'm asleep or playing a PC game. I need to play Sims 4.... oh well. Here's some artwork...

Posted by Salya on 2021-02-20 14:25:55 UTC

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