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Owner: Salya/Brenda
Opened: 04/21/2019
Program: SAI and Gimp
Version: 2.5
Host: CandyRain
Stylesheet: self with help from Dartzia.
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Welcome to Tainted Wings

Hello, Welcome to Tainted Wingz. This place on web is Salya's realm in the dark abyss on the net.

In this dark abyss of TW, you will find Salya's stories free graphics for you can use, vote on polls, join contests, play games and more. There are always something for you do here and find. Oh and you can buy art from Salya on the webstore. She may sell personal graphics if you ask her to, that is.

If you wish to help out, you may, just drop a comment or email Salya. She welcome all kinds of help and comments. Just no hateful ones. You won't what to go meet her demons..or would you? Of course not.

Donated Graphics, Gifts and suggestions are welcome.
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To Do List

-post v-day graphics
-make more icons/wallpapers
-add more art to the artwork page
-add more things for vistors

Mimi Updates

-1/18- Added Tiffany to Contest>Voting page.
-1/18- Seeing my doc today to see what is wrong with me and such.

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Hey peeps, Salya here with some news So yea.

One > I removed my forum for now. phpbb was getting annoying and missed Tainted onez up. So I give up for now. If you want Tainted Onez to come back, let me know and I will make it with another forum that isn'ty phpbb. I might do mybb but I don't know. but if you really like Phpbb and want me to give it yet another try, let me know too. I will still make the 50 by 50 stamps that you could have found on Tainted Onez, so if the forum cames make, I will have them ready.

Two > my guy's grandma is in the hosp....the place I call hell. yes I don't like hosp...nore can spell it. But anyways, since she is being looked at, his mom wants him to go stay at his grandparents' house for a while to help her out. So yay...I do pray his grandma gets better. owo

Last note > I'm going to be doing a Advent Calendar like thingy but v-day. But I need prompts for 14 days. I got some so far. But if you got any, just drop me an email. The event is going to be called 14 days of Love and I will be posting, graphics, artwork and stories once a day for 14 days. 
So here are the prompts that I got so far.

1. Sweets
2. Sisterly love
3. First Date
4. Love between friends
5. "Wait, No, Don't take the kisses away from me."
6. Halloween love
7. Cuddles
8. Brotherly love
9. Long-distance Love
10. Family love
11. Kiss in the rain
12. Pet love
13. Sleepover
14. Kisses
So yea, that is all for now. I'm looking into a way to do a banner exchange but I don't know.

Edit: Thanks for the help, Tiffeny and CC. XD

Posted by Salya on 2020-01-13 13:58:50 CST

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