Updates yay :: 2020-01-02 12:50:30 UTC :: posted by Salya

There are a lot of things I wanna say. One thing, Please join my contest and SoTM. And 2nd thing, I uhm.... updated the vistor/you page with new icons and some for coming soon items.

Also I'm doing to do V-day and Easter graphics things here as well as something called 14 days of Love. I will post an drawing or one-shot once a day for 14 days. Yet I will be posting them on DA and maybe Wattpad.

One more thing before the update list. Can someone ask for commissions... I really wanna draw. XD



  • vistor/you page was updated.
  • Contest has one entie and maybe two later today.
  • Scerika has joined swapex on my site and made a page for it on her site.
  • Hit banner was updated
  • Puzzle was updated.

So yea. I did all of that in one day... well the hit banner was updated for a while now but oh well.


Oh here's a small art drop for anyone wanna see some new art. lol

meet_George Catlove Salya-s-book watering-Spyro ych

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