Sick and TOZ is back? :: 2020-01-25 22:32:23 UTC :: posted by Salya

Hey peeps. Sorry that I been slow and quiet. I have a good reason for it. My guy got me sick. lol He came back Thursday after his SSI court thingy and well after spending some time together, I started feeling off. I have no I'm more tried then normal.

So I been sleeping a lot more then normal and I'm really cold... so yea. But I'm good other wise.

I been working on Tainted Onez, after a long thinking time and talking with Amia about bringing it back and well.... it's back but updates. I made a sub-site for it. So I will be adding better things and new things for Tainted Onez. So yea.

Just know there is only me and Amia aka TwilightSong on there right now, so things are slow going. I got all of the stamp achi..up and there are 100+ so far. Amia is my head writer mod, so she helps me with my spelling and such errors.

But what I would like: Members, some helpers and new things to read daily. XD So yea. If you are interested, here's the link: clicky

well... I'm off to bed. I will try to get the V-day graphics up before Feb 1st.

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