B-day... :: 2020-05-09 18:33:37 UTC :: posted by Salya

Hey peeps, I hope you all are well and keeping safe. I heard that the bug will die by Augs and be back by next year... but I don't know. I rarely leave my house, so I'm good. XD
Also tommorrow is my 32 b-day. Do I have anything planed? Nope. I don't really care for my b-day anymore. So yea. But I'm glad to get gifts from my friends. So far I got some neat gifts from Karla. I love her graphics. I heard that I'm getting some artwork... but who knows. My guy ordered me a new graphics tablet/drawing tablet and It will be late but my best friend is going to try to get me some new Sims 4 games. I only got the base game right now. I'm going to ask my guy if I can buy Go to work tonight, since it's only $20. If anyone wants to help me get more sims games, my origin name is SalyaDarken. So yea. I wish for all of sims 4 games. lol Here's my wishlist on Origin.

As for TW updates, I only updated how my awards and Gifts looked and added a few gifts and awards I got lately.

Coming soon:
A new stamp set. Of who or what, I don't know yet but you will see. ^_^ Also since my stamps are soo small, I'm going to up my sets from 6 to 12. so yea.

Site of the...post?: Vongola Hideout. This site is in gomen but I love the owner since she is soooo nice to me. I love Dartzia for all she does for me. She needs some love as well, so go say hi and such. Also I love her stamp sets. I'm not into how big they are but they are still as pretty as her site.

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