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Hey guys and girls... I know that I'm not updated TW so much since I'm working on TOZ but bear with me. I going to make two new sets of stamps that you can collect... since by the poll, you all want more cylerstamps*. lol But it will a while since I'm lazy and my right hand hurts from doing a lot of TCG cards for my Trade post... which I still have cards to add to it. -sighs- and yes it hurts to type this out but I need to.

So here's what I been doing:
>Playing ESO aka Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 with my guy. XD He got me a copy. 
>Playing Ark with him when not on ESO. lol
>Watching youtade
>playing TCGs.
>Updating TOZ. Well the game room. There are a lot of games that members only can play. 

Coming soon to Tainted Onez:
>Trading cards? Maybe. Will know by 2021. lol Vote now.
>More styles to pick from. There is only Light and Dark for now. Which I need to update the Light one... -sighs-

Once my right hand stops hurting so much, I'll get on Elyasia to get it up for you peeps who are waiting on it. lol Which if anyone would like to help out on Elyasia, let me know. I'm looking for an artist or two to help with artwork and maybe graphics, a betareader/editor to help me with the story. If interested, email me at with what you can do and can't do. ^^

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