Some updates :: 2019-10-24 19:32:15 UTC :: posted by Salya

Hey peeps. I just wanted to tell you all that I updated the layout to a new header and style. Thank Loveblush for it style. lol It was one of her old ones. Since her layouts are easy to work with, I may ask her if I can use her stylesheets for free layouts before I do anything.I can't do really good graphics but I try. If I don't wanna do layouts, I may do handers for your sites instill*. Also I still thinking of what kind of layout I want for my stories. Something dfferent from the main site. Any ideas? I like the 'tumbler' stylesheets seam more like what I want, but I don't know. I will not be showing affies nor anyone other then me and any other writer who wishes to add their fanfic to the site.

I also thinking of HOW I want the Elyasia site to be like. I would like it copy Lin's Otherworld site but she took it down. But I do want it to be something like these layouts: 01, 02,

Framed layouts don't seem too hard to do... yet I don't know.... Also 02 is a site that I love her layout and I would love to have a site like hers. lol and I can't find any other layouts I like. I will keep looking so in the next update, I will let you know.



  • New layout
  • New header Still halloween thou
  • Two polls are posted on the visitor page. Wish is the new name for You. As Site is the new name for Me. So yea.
  • Webstore was updated.

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