Life is sooo blah :: 2021-02-20 14:25:55 UTC :: posted by Salya

Sorry everyone. I been buzy with offline stuff as well as Tainted Onez. I'm also been feeling blah... really blah. So I'm sorry for not posting anything new.

Plus me and my guy are trying to get pregent, so that's something.... and it's snowed where I live. It's pretty but I HATE the cold. XD My nose won't stop being staffed* up and running. And now my head been hurting... but that's all.

I hope by early March or late march, I will get back into updating this. Gods.... I see need to get Elyasia up and such for ppl to read and such... blah....


If you need me, I'm on Tainted Onez unless I'm asleep or playing a PC game. I need to play Sims 4.... oh well. Here's some artwork...

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