Sister Sites :: 2019-10-30 01:47:26 UTC :: posted by Salya

hey peeps. I'm working on a new layout for fall/winter them. Then I got this idea for sister/brother sites. Anyone who has an anime/writing/art sites can apply. I will be doing pixel like dolls for each site. But I will need the site mascot ref. Here is a preview of what I mean but the doll:

That doll is for my bestie's WIP site that I'm working on for her. I'm still waiting for her to sent me which stories she wants on the site but still. I'm working on my doll. She is a blonde odd girl who loves green. XD as for her persona or mascot, I don't know what she wants her to be. I'm going to work on her ref before I ask her for a name. lol

So yea, If you want to be a sister/brother site, you will get a doll of your persona/mascot as well as my doll to link it back to me. Your doll will be linked to your site.

One last thing, I'm working on a lot of things, so things are going to updated slowly. And I don't always update the small update list on the side bar. So do I need it? No I think not. Also if you can do pixels better then me, then please help me out. I suck at pixels. lol

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