what to do :: 2019-11-27 14:20:42 UTC :: posted by Salya

Okay, First up, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgivings tomorrow.

Okay now that that's said and over, I want to know what you guys/girls would like to see here on TW. I kn ow on the poll, a lot of ppl want more icons, but I'm not that good at icons....and I'm slow on making graphics... so yea. So comment below what you all would like to see on TW in 2020.



  • Doll pages was added.
  • aslowly adding the dolls I made.
  • Sub-site was made for TCGs. Link: https://tcg.taintedwingz.xyz/ <you can see what kind of layout I can make.

Coming soon in 2020:

  • Site of the Month- soon will be allowing applys for Jan 2020. lol
  • Graphic Contest for Sailor Moon OC
  • new pizzle for the pizzle game...
  • Donates...? maybe?
  • Pixel adobtables? (I'm drawing pixel like dolls of my ocs so yea)
  • Layouts?
  • more? Comment below with ideas.

Brandi :: 2019-12-01 12:53:13 UTC :: ip: logged
Hey its Brandi from animepapers.net. I have an idea why don't you create icon bases instead of icons? its just cropping an image by 100x100 no designing required. or you could create pngs. thats easy too. just removing an image from its backgrounds not graphic designing as well. hope this helps!
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