Blah :: 2019-12-07 01:42:57 UTC :: posted by Salya

So yea, I made some Xmas things for you all and such. I don't like Xmas but oh well. So I hope you like them... also I will post the home banner for the xmas/winter graphics soon. I'm too sleepy tonight to make it. lol



  • 014 xmas/winter blank buttons
  • 018 xmas/winter blank icons
  • 01 xmas/winter icon


Oh I got a question for you all. Should I do a 31 day challenge for myself like how Tiffany is doing on her site, Love Is Zero. Or should I wait and do one next year? I don't know but I love how Tiffany is doing hers. lol but if I do one, it would be graphics, one-shots and Artwork. lol so I don't know if I'll do one yet. but what do you peeps think?


Edit: can someone send me graphic tuts and I want to know how to make a random thing to pop up randomly on any page on TW. so any help would be good.

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