some updates :: 2019-12-08 06:50:52 UTC :: posted by Salya

Hey peeps. So I got some questions for you all. Which comment your replies to them or just email me.

Question 1: How can I do a random pic show up on any random page on TW?

Question 2: Should I do an Advent Calendar which I will be 7-8 days late on, or should I wait untl next year? which I'll do one for V-day. lol

Now the updates:

  • New layout. I'm not changing layouts anymore but I'll change the background and header only.
  • Banner for Xmas/winter graphics is now up on the home page.
  • I joined Brendi's Wallpaper Contest which the banner is on the home page.
  • There is now a background textuse behind the text. Might update it later as well.
  • Apply for Best site for Jan 2020 by Email. Voting will start on Dec 20-31th by poll. (page will be made after the voting is over.)


Coming Soon in 2020:

  • Graphic Contest for my Sailor Moon OC
  • new pizzle for the pizzle game...
  • Donates...? maybe?
  • Pixel adobtables?
  • Layouts?
  • Icon bases
  • Renders... maybe
  • more? Comment below with ideas.

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