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Owner: Salya/Brenda
Opened: 04/21/2019
Program: SAI and Gimp
Version: 2.5
Host: CandyRain
Stylesheet: self with help from Dartzia.
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Advent Calendar page

here I will updated whenever I do an 'event' for the year.

14 days of Love 2020

This is my V-day event that I'm doing. I will doing 14 days of graphics, art and writing. So yea.
day 01: being too cute | Myris
day 02: Soon
day 03: Soon
day 04: Soon
day 05: Soon
day 06: Soon
day 07: Soon
day 08: Soon
day 09: Soon
day 10: Soon
day 11: Soon
day 12: Soon
day 13: Soon
day 14: Soon

All artwork will be on my DA as oneshots and graphics will be on here. I know that I was going to be prompts... but I don't know now.