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Owner: Salya/Brenda
Opened: 04/21/2019
Program: SAI and Gimp
Version: 2.5
Host: CandyRain
Stylesheet: self with help from Dartzia.
Pixels: X/x/X
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Welcome to my webstore. Here I sell art commissions.


1. No rushing me.
2. Don't removed my signuatre!
3.If you like my art, share the word and help me.
4. Make sure you have a Ref of your character with their colors.
5. If you want to order artwork of my OCs, tell me who.
6. Free commissions can be won by Contests or on my Forum.
7. No bitching if I mess up your order. Just tell me what I messed up and I'll try to fix.
8. I can only draw humanoids.


Sketch - $2
LineArt - $4
Basic Colorings - $6 - $1 for detailed coloring
Detailed with background - $8

Art previews:

Roses-png Socute What whathappened anunknownlove Alex-sad-sketch bloodly-eyes Orina

Order by email.

Email me at and tell me what you are ordering in detail.