Welcome to Tainted Wings

Hello, Welcome to Tainted Wingz. This place on web is Salya's realm in the dark abyss on the net. As well as her partner, ????.

In this dark abyss of Tainted Wingz, also called TW, you will find;
Stories written by Salya and maybe others in the fanfic area.
Graphics that you may use, just give credit.
Join Contests when there is one.
Play some simple games.
Give your vote on new things.
Buy commission and custom graphics for personal use.

And a lot more. So take a seat and look around. There could be something of interest here.

If you wish to help out, you may. We wlcome Donated Graphics, Gifts, Suggestsions and Everything else!

Even donate a small bit of money to Salya's Paypal would help up big time to keep TW up!

What would you like to see on TW?
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CrberStamps and more

Hey Peeps! I got some good news for anyone who wanted me to make stamps with my art. I made 04 to start with. So you can order one stamp per month. Anyone with a site can order one. If you wish to make me a stamp with one of my ocs, then let me know. XD All of my art will be on DA until I make a gallery once again.


  • You page now has icons for it's pages.
  • 04 Stamps where made for Salya Darken Set. (more sets later)
  • Layout was changed a little bit.

The base for the stamps that I use is here: Clicky

Posted by Salya on 2019-10-23 03:15:52 UTC

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Okay I changed from Cutenews to Fusionnews like my host said so. XD I'm such a good girl lol And so I still want to do layouts but don't know. Anywhos the updates!


  • You page got Icons for the links.
  • Most of the pages on the you page was made. WIP on the few.
  • Layout was changed a little.

Posted by Salya on 2019-10-21 23:18:35 UTC

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