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Hello, Welcome to Tainted Wingz. This place on web is Salya's realm in the dark abyss on the net. As well as her partner, ????.

In this dark abyss of Tainted Wingz, also called TW, you will find;
> Stories written by Salya.
> Graphics that you may use, just give credit.
> Join Contests when there is one.
> Play some simple games.
> Give your vote on new things.

And a lot more. So take a seat and look around. There could be something of interest here.

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If you wish to help out, you may. We wlcome Donated Graphics, Gifts, Suggestsions and Everything else!
Even donate a small bit of money to Salya's Paypal would help up big time!

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going on a break

Okay, I'm doing this short post to let you all know that I'm going to take a short break from Tainted Wingz to work more on Tainted Onez. Since I want to get it running when I'm not on it. But it's slow going.

I'm working on making more stamps for it, looking into adding some games for members to earn stamps and gold from and maybe a new theme for the forum? I don't know about the theme, since I want to get other things up first.

If you wish to help me out, drop me an email or hit me up on the forum. I'm always looking for help. In fact, right now, I'm in need of staff members. Ones who can make graphics and/or codes. So yea.

The link to Tainted onez can be found up but the header, but you can also click here to go to it.

Posted by Salya on 2020-05-27 14:42:54 UTC

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Thank you all for the gifs. I'm slowly adding them as well as Stamps I'm collected up on here so bear with me. XD
Speaking of Stamps, How do you think I should have the sets I collected from other sites? Ideas? Post in comments or Email me.

Updates: Small ones

  • 2 new  Stramp sets for you all to collect.
    >Both from MegaMan but one is X as the other one is Zero.
    >Sailor Moon set coming soon
    >Set requests are open.
  • Page updates.
    >Both my gifts and awards pages were updated.
    >Gifts are more outdated since I got more gifts to post.
    >Requests have been changed. I got some new requests for you all. XD
  • Helped Amia get her site up and going
    >more like I'm doing it for her. (she doesn't do well with sites, so I help)
    >now to wait on her to email what I need for her site.
    >She is allowing Affies, but since I'm doing the site for her, just let me know on TW or her site SilverWings.

And that is all of the updates for now. I'm going to TRY to post more blogs for you all know how I am and such, or I make a Offline blog where I vent and such on it. XD Should I do that?

Site of the...whatever: SilverWingz. Why? Well I wanna show off what I did for her. XD Thou the site is still WIP. The point of the site, is for Amia to have somewhere for her stories to be posted, other then my forums, TOZ. She writes both Original works and Fanfics like me but her stories and a lot more better then mine. So yea. Thou I'm the one runing it from behind, She welcome graphics and anything others would like to send her, as Gifts or graphics to help out her site.
>side note about SW, her site is the sister site of TW and is the light side while TW is the dark side. XD So thou there will be some guro somewhere since Amia LOVES horror, her site is mostly light theme. XD

Posted by Salya on 2020-05-24 17:04:06 UTC

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