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Hello, Welcome to Tainted Wingz. This place on web is Salya's realm in the dark abyss on the net. As well as her partner, ????.

In this dark abyss of Tainted Wingz, also called TW, you will find;
> Stories written by Salya.
> Graphics that you may use, just give credit.
> Join Contests when there is one.
> Play some simple games.
> Give your vote on new things.

And a lot more. So take a seat and look around. There could be something of interest here.

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If you wish to help out, you may. We wlcome Donated Graphics, Gifts, Suggestsions and Everything else!
Even donate a small bit of money to Salya's Paypal would help up big time!

Update blog

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Hey peeps, I'm back with another update. first things first, I hope you all stay safe with this Covid-19 bug going aroud. I don't leave my home that much but to go over to my mom's, so I'm safe... I think. XD

Anywho, I didn't really want to draw anything for the header this time, so I did a...bend like graphic.. I dont really know. But soon, I'll be using PS for text, to make the text look better and I might use PS for graphics... I don't know yet. I use Gimp... so I DK, but my guy got a free ver of PS that I'm going to play with on his PC. But if you have a copy of PS and want to send to me, you may, I do wanna try making graphics in it and use Gimp for the gifs, like the moving text or such.

But here's the updates:

  • New Layout with a bend? header
  • New stylesheet added to layouts.
  • Main page was updated.
  • Using different pixels. Which if anyone wants to make me us, let me know.
  • New buttons.
  • Exchange page was added to Visitors. Join please!

And since I want to do more for you peeps, here's a list I USED to do, that I MIGHT bring back, If you want me to.

  • Blank buttons
  • Bookmarks with/without my art
  • Gift cards
  • coded mini blogs
  • Signs > Closed|Move|etc
  • Challenges for mostly writers but can be for designers.
  • Prompts  Wait that is now on Tainted Onez.
  • Graphic Tuts using Gimp then later PS

If there is anything else you would like to see on TW, please send me an email at salyadarken-at-taintedwingz.xyz

Also, if anyone who can do graphics would like to partner up with me and help me on TW, also Email me.

And lastly the plug-in for this blog post. The site for this time is....http://nightmarefantasmic.com/ <Go check her out. She makes neat things!

And that is all for now. I'll say who won the contest next time. lol

Posted by Salya on 2020-04-08 17:30:24 UTC

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Update and news

First the news, I'm low on Ve. D, so Once a week I have to take a pill to help with it, but I'm still getting sleepy easily. but oh well. I'm also taking pills for my back. My lower area on my back is always in pain, so I have pills to help...

Other then that, my guy got a job, working at Walmart, so we may start trying to get a baby soon. Since I wanna be a mom BADLY.

Now for the updates.

  • The contest is at the voting stage. So go vote!
  • Started doing layouts for you all. first one up is a stylesteet that I made, following a tut by Lovebrush.net So credit to her for the tut. lol Any tuts that I use for my layouts won't be listed....for now, but I'll make a stylesteet first before making layouts with them.
  • Made a Exchange for fun. Anyone is allowed to join. Icon for it will be on the visitor page...soon.

Coming soon

  • a new layout for Tainted Wingz
  • a Stylesteet of Tainted wings's layout.
  • Elyasia's opening day?
  • New icons and layouts.
  • V-day graphics. Late but w/e.


Last thing. I will be plugging in a random site at the end of my posts. So this plug goes to my forum since I need members...badly. So if you like to make graphics, Role-play, writing or just want to talk with others, then come join me at Tainted Onez. Link above the update post.

Posted by Salya on 2020-03-24 17:33:51 UTC

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