sooo blah :: 2020-11-21 01:58:38 UTC :: posted by Salya

I'm sooo blah that I'm working sooo hard on Tainted onez that Tainted Wingz is on the back burner with Elyasia. And I'm really sorry for that. but I did do a small update to Tainted Wingz. Thou it's just a new page to show off what I collected on Tainted Onez so far. 

Hell, I'm not even drawing since I'm started making TCG cards for Tainted Onez. Yes, I added a TCG to my forums. It's small right now with only 8 decks that you can collect, but I'm working on added more so next month there will be 16 decks to collect. All while stamps hit at 200 something. XD so yea... If you like collecting things, you can on Tainted Onez.

Also I'm looking for ppl who can donate dolls and sprites to Tainted Onez. Drop me an email, if interested. And yes, Tiffany, if you want to make some for the forum doll shop that is WIP, you can PM me any that you wish to 'sell' there.

And with that, I'm out of here. No new layout for now. May do one for Xmas but I don't know. Also I'm still looking for a partner who can help me on graphics. Email me if you wish to talk to me about that. I check my yahoo mail more lately then ones on my domain. so yea...

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