Welcome to the CyberStamps page. Here you can get stamps of my characters if you want to collect them, that is. I will be doing stamps of my OCs and maybe some anime/game ones too.

If you wish to help me out by making me some stamps, you may. Just email me and we can talk about it.

Coming soon!
None yet
These are sets that I got from others sites, So DO NOT request/order any from this tab.
Thinking of HOW I'm going to list them.... Help?
You can only order one stamp a month!
If you can't see nor use the form, then email me at with the subject as Stamps.
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Would you like a set, but what is not available here?
Then some simple best do me with your request and I will do my and to fulfill it!
IMPORTANT: Any set you request is not solely for you but is like the other sets and is up for others to collect as well.
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